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Introducing The Editors

Philip & Eve Clark are graduates of the University of Sheffield with honours degrees in Biblical Studies and Linguistics. Their ministry centres around bringing Christians back to the Bible.

From very early on in their marriage they found themselves involved in various ministry to and with Jewish people. They started married life with the determination of "forgetting what lies behind and straining toward what is ahead". In practice this meant seeking to study the Word of God without any preconceived ideas. It has not been an easy task leading often to re-evaluation of their beliefs and practices.

Philip & Eve found they were seeking to return to their Biblical roots as believers. It also became obvious that this was what the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) required of the whole Church. They found that their spiritual journey was similar to the journey the Messianic movement was making.

Their work within the Jewish community naturally led them to an affinity with Messianic believers and congregations. Particularly regarding their findings about the Sabbath, Biblical festivals and the Church's relationship to Israel.

They were founder members of the "South Yorkshire Friends of Israel" which had one of the largest memberships in the UK. For a number of years Philip chaired this organisation and Eve was an active commitee member. They were also active committee members of the Sheffield Bible Society - the second oldest in the world (again Philip was honoured as Chairman for a number of years).

Their heart is for evangelism and in this capacity they helped to pioneer a Messianic fellowship in Sheffield. At present they are actively involved in pioneering work in North East Lincolnshire.

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A picture of Philip & Eve.

A slightly younger Philip & Eve!
(Obviously Eve looks even younger today)

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